• Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Enterprise systems, Cloud, and IoT

    Powered by SDP architecture and Blockchain technology.

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Next-gen security for the post Covid-19 Digital era

Zero Trust based

Cybersecurity Mesh

Secure ‘assets everywhere’ and provide ‘access from anywhere’

Hybrid and

Multi-Cloud Security

Enable secure and compliant multi-Cloud adoption

Zero Trust security

For IoT

Cybersecurity for connected devices and integrated IoT systems

Block Armour's platform is powered by SDP architecture and Blockchain technology and is aligned with the NIST Zero Trust architecture.


Digital Vault

Next-gen ultra-secure systems for sensitive content

Secure Shield Platform

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Next-gen Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Enterprise systems, Cloud, and IoT.

Today’s distributed and rapidly transforming enterprise-IT landscape makes complex demands requiring a new approach to Cybersecurity. Existing approaches to identity and security architectures are not sufficient to meet today’s swiftly changing demands and have been rendered ineffective in the new hybrid Digital environment. Distributed IT assets in the multicloud add to the fragmentation problem when securing enterprise-IT assets.

Block Armour has developed a next-gen Zero Trust security platform and delivers integrated cybersecurity solutions for today’s hybrid enterprise-IT environments. The platform is powered by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture and private Blockchain technology and and is aligned with the NIST Zero Trust Framework.

The solution harness Blockchain-based digital signatures - not just IP addresses - to identify, authenticate and authorize devices, thus making it well suited for today’s distributed and hybrid enterprise IT ecosystems as well as Smart City, Industry 4.0 and 5G security use cases. All communications is secured using 4096-bit RSA encryption.

Blockchain-based Digital Identity

.. for all users, connected devices, gateways and servers


Locked down critical systems

.. enabled by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture


4096-bit RSA encryption

.. between connected devices and application systems


Protection against Malware / Ransomware

spreading across the corporate network


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Unified Access

Secured on-prem and Cloud environments with Zero Trust Network Access to enterprise-IT systems; enabling ‘assets everywhere’ and ‘access from anywhere’

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Empowering secure and compliant multi- Cloud adoption while simplifying the implementation of Zero Trust Cybersecurity across the organization

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IoT Armour

Delivering an end-to-end Zero Trust cybersecurity mesh for critical infrastructure, connected IoT devices, and associated communication networks

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Securing modern Digital ecosystems

Based on our award-winning Secure Shield platform, Block Armour solutions are helping organizations consolidate their Cybersecurity investments while enabling them to enforce Zero Trust principles across the organization, securely adopt Cloud technologies, and defend against the ever-growing spate of cyberattacks.

The Secure Shield Platform Architecture

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A Platform Approach to Cybersecurity – It’s simply Smarter Cybersec.

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Press Release

Block Armour announces the launch of its Zero Trust based Unified Secure Access solution.

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Still using a VPN? Shift to next-gen Zero Trust security to enable secure remote access.

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Securing Industry 4.0 with SDP architecture and Blockchain-enabled Zero Trust security.

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